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  • Substrates and Transparency and Print Types – OH MY! - If you've ever wanted to create tumbler or pen wrap with a dark background and bright image - you know how hard it is to get a transparent decal to show up on a dark background. So how do you get your waterslide or decal to show up on a dark background?
  • Using Custom Seamless Designs – Creating Your Own Patterns - You’ve bought yourself a fancy, new, seamless pattern. Woohoo! ….umm… what? (What?!? You don’t have yours yet?? Get your own here or here or here!) In any graphics program, you can simply copy and paste the images beside each other. They will match up at the edges perfectly and you won’t have any overlap. Easy […]
  • Cat or Dog? - You know that joke about a dog and a cat, where you get to see the thoughts of the cat and dog, as time goes by? Dog’s journal entry and cat’s? And the cat’s begins with “Day 938 of my captivity…” As this pandemic goes on…I start to feel more like the cat… My toddler […]