Mandala Flower 1 Nesting Stencils

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These gorgeous mandalas can be made in layers, each layer a different color. They can be mixed and matched and layered however you like.  But the best part? Because of the disc cutouts on the edge, they line up perfectly every time!

This stencil will ALSO nest with Mandala Flower 2 Nesting Stencils

These stencils are designed to be the perfect match for your Happy Planner Classic, but can also be used in a bullet journal, or any other planner or journal, cardmaking, scrapbooking, art journals, or anywhere you’d like!

The disc cutouts on the edge allow the stencils to attach into your Happy Planner for easy transport and alignment, or you can make your own stencil book (with your own discs.) Disc cutouts are sized for Happy Planner Classic size.

Available separately, but much better as a set of four!

Stencils are 7mil or 10 mil thick, dependent on pattern.  Stencil will be translucent or transparent. Size is 6″ x 6″.

Additional information

Weight.2 oz
Dimensions6 × 6 × .001 in
Digital or Physical Product

Mandala Flower 1

MR-001-1, MR-001-2, MR-001-3, MR-001-4, Full Set


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